You and me together, forever

This was Nonny’s entry for the Commonwealth Essay Writing competition of 2018. The topic was ‘Our Common Earth’.

Long, long before you came,
I floated gracefully
In the vast cosmic sea.

Long after you are gone
For a few billion years
I will continue to be.

Yet, in your hubris,
You try to save me.

Oh, the irony!


Once, I was whole
Home to everyone,
Owned by none.

Then you unleashed
A torrent of gore and greed
And you are not yet done.

But the lines you have drawn
On my beautiful face
Will one day be gone.


I dream of a time
When my air is free of your poison
My rivers are pristine again.

I dream of a time
When no one is caged
No sheep, mice or men.

I dream of a time
When exploitation will end
When nature will reign.


Someday, one day
Future will merge with the past
And my dream will come true.

Will you be there with me?
Will you be part of my dream?
It is up to you.