You are my pride!

A poem written by the teacher of class II to her students, on the occasion of Children’s Day 2017.

People who are as cute as you are very few,
But that is not all that’s special about you.

You are exceptional is so many ways,
Fully explaining it will take many days.

So, on the occasion of Children’s Day,
I would like to keep it short, if I may.

Khushi is the one of the smartest,
Her storytelling skills are among the best.

Uttara, Anjum and Rupsa are very quiet,
But they do get the answers always right.

Swagato is the naughtiest one,
He only wants to have unlimited fun.

Kanishk often gets a bit nervous,
About studies, he is very serious.

Sohini and Soham are the twins,
Between them, we don’t know who wins.

Sabeer is the nicest kid,
No naughty thing he ever did.

Tanisha reads very fast,
But in races she comes last.

Rakib is the slowest one,
He never says, “Finished, done!”

The talkative ones are Oishika, Aziz and Sagnik,
Only a cello-tape can stop them, I think.

If about some of you nothing yet I have told,
Please forgive me, I think I am becoming too old.

You are still very small, you still have a long way to go,
But you are already better than many grown-ups, I really think so.

So many difficult stories you can already read,
To solve new sums, our help you do not need,

To see you speak in English so well,
With pride our heart swell.

You are growing up nice and fine,
One day, in this big world, you are going to shine.

My heart fills with joy every time I see all of you,
Great children like you are really very few!

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