Happy Teacher’s day

A very nice poem dedicated to Sir on Teacher’s day by Ipsita, Sania, Bratati, Shambhavi, Prajna, Sharanyaa of Class 8-9 (2017). 


We see you coming at two-o clock,
We grunt and sigh- Oh my god!
It’s physics time, open your books
Read magnetism, and the law of Hooke’s
We read and read, some fall asleep
We read and hear the pages flip
Then you start your discussion,
And all our grudges fade
You drift away from the topic
And we get more engaged
We become so absorbed in your talk
We lose track of time,
And in an unexpected way,
We hear your alarm chime
We close our books and sigh,
Now it’s time to say goodbye


Going to school is a burden for most students. But not for us. Everyday we reach school with a happy mood. Laughing and talking. As we enter the common room, we wonder what topic will be discussed by you today, and wait to enjoy yet another day in the school. In this common class, as you discuss about global news, you open our eyes to the real world. We look forward to even physic classes, because at times you make the atmosphere there from serious to funny by drifting from the topic of mass, force, and acceleration. You try to bring the best out of everyone by punishing them for their misdeeds and rewarding them for their good work. Maybe one day, when we have grown up, we will look back at our past, remembering our school days and the excellent environment you had provided for us, and that day, we would be intensely thankful to you for it, as we are now.