Free will is a myth

This is a screenplay written by the students of Class X (2017). 

(Me and my parents are watching news. The channel plays a speech of Donald Trump where he is saying that he intends to build a wall between US and Mexico.)

Me: Having a person like Donald Trump in the White House is really the worst thing that could have happened to the world. Even I could have done a better job.

It is the people who chose him, however stupid he may be. If the people wanted him to be the President, then he deserves to be President.

Me: Why does the choice of the people matter so much? People can be wrong.

Mom: Wrong or right, it is the wish of the people. Each individual’s wishes are unique and must be respected, even if they clash with yours.

Me: Why must they be respected? There is nothing unique or authentic about the wishes of each individual. They are simply a product of genes and society’s myths. Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be President simply because the people chose him. Democracy doesn’t make much sense because people don’t even have the free will to choose who they want.

Mom: Have you gone out of your mind? Whatever you’re saying is not making any sense.

Me: Think of it in this way. You have watched ‘Hirak rajar deshe’. The king was brainwashing everybody using a machine. Afterward the people thought the king to be great. They also must have thought their opinion to be their own independent wish. So would you consider their opinions to be their free will?

Mom: No. But how is it relevant?

Me: Though your brainwashing isn’t as apparent, it is still happening. So how can you think that you have free will?

Dad: You don’t have any free will because I control you. But how can you say that we have no freedom? If I want to go and vote for Trump, no one can stop me. If I feel like slapping you, I’ll do it. And I want to do it very much at this moment.

Me: Yes, it is true that you are free to act on your desires. But who said your thoughts and desires are free? If your thoughts are free, can you choose not to think anything? No, right? Then admit it. You don’t have free will. You have just been dictated by your genes and brainwashed by the society.

Dad: Now who is speaking nonsense?

Mom: What do you mean ‘brainwashed’? Don’t we have brains?

Me (to myself): Apparently not.

Mom: Is this another theory of that Harari? If so, who has been brainwashed?

Me: Harari is a great man. And I’m not being brainwashed without understanding his explanations. And even if what you said were true, I would have at least been brainwashed by the correct person.

Dad: Who is this Harari by the way?

Me: Ughh… nobody really. He lives in Israel.

Dad: We have listened enough to your nonsense. Get out of my sight if you don’t want a slap.

Me: This is what you always do when you don’t have any arguments left. Why not admit that you are losing? Besides, I’m not scared of your slap.

Mom: You are getting worse day by day. How dare you speak to us like that?

(Dad tries to slap me but I block his hand before he can do so.)

Me: It is really impossible to explain anything to you. You never admit your ignorance. I’m fed up.

(I storm out of the room.)