Sreedutta Samanta of Class IX (2017) wrote about Sahid Azmi, a character from the movie ‘Sahid’ as a person she admires a lot. Sahid Azmi tried to fight the injustice of Indian judicial system and lost his life in the cause. This is another winning entry in Essay Writing Contest.


History does not judge everyone equally. There have been some people who have been glorified in history while there have been many who have sunk into oblivion and have died the death of an unsung hero. In this essay, I am writing about the lawyer, Sahid Azmi, who tired to make people’s lives a little better in this imperfect world. He was a person who wanted to take up the profession of a lawyer not just to earn money, but to save people who despite being innocent have been put behind the bars.

The movie ‘Sahid’ portrays his life and the cases he fought in order to earn justice for people who stay in prison despite being innocent. As we all know, Indian justice system is the prime place where people are dispensed injustice, he managed to get seven acquittals within a few months. He set up his own law firm and helped many people get justice. However the turning point of his life came after the massive attack on Taj Hotel. As always, after that attack police caught one innocent Muslim and put all the blame on him. He became the scapegoat of all Indians. Despite being innocent, he became the victim of all the anger of Indians. However, Mr. Sahid Azmi stood beside him and slowly led him to the doors of justice. But this story like other fairytales, does not have a happy ending. This story is a victory which has been won at a great price. Sahid received many threat calls from people who wanted him to leave this case. However, he walked on his risky and true path and in return was alienated and abandoned by his wife and family. He undaunted by the consequences fought the case till his last breath. Then one day he was found murdered in his chamber. Sahis Azmi was the only ray of hope in the bleak eyes of the countless many who have been termed as perpetrators and transgressors despite being ordinary, innocent civilians.

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  1. Sridhar Samanta February 26, 2017 / 8:05 PM

    I am proud of you. Very good writing.


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