This is one of the winning entries in the Essay Writing Contest 2017 where we were asked to write about a person we admire. This essay is written by Goody Goody of Class IX (2017) about the Soviet Union leader, Mikhail Gorbachev.

new-doc-2017-02-22_3As we read history, we come across many leaders like Aurangzeb, Hitler, and Stalin who abused their power to exploit the common people. Current day’s leaders are not very different from them. Putin is the prime example who has the ability to do good for his nation but is intoxicated by power. So in the course of history we have had very few leader who have not been corrupted by the power at their disposal.

Gorbachev, the leader of the Soviet Union was one such example. Soviet Union during the leadership of his predecessors had been an oppressed country. The  common people lived under constant fear of their leaders  who had absolute power. Gorbachev too had as much power at his disposal as the previous leaders. He could have chosen to walk on the same path as the others but he chose to be good.

Gorbachev brought about a lot of positive changes. For the first time in many years people were allowed to travel outside their country. He gave his citizens access to a better life at his own peril. He was fighting for the freedom of the very country he was ruling, being fully aware that his own position was at stake. Gorbachev was a very rare leader who was not driven by his self-interest.

We, either after witnessing or reading about the bad leaders of the world who had been corrupted by power, understand the plight of the common people. And after being subjected to years of persecution, Gorbachev must have been a ray of hope for the Russian people.