Dream for the Superclass

On Children’s day 2015, parents were asked to write about their dream for their children. Most of us (Class VIII of 2015), though, could not get our parents to write. So we asked Sir to write about his dream for us. This is what he wrote:

Life is suffering. There is no justice in life. The world, from the dawn of civilization, has not been a very kind place. There have been unspeakable violence and ruthless exploitation that human beings have unleashed upon each other. Unlike the animal world, we don’t kill and exploit each other for mere survival. Rather, it’s for our insatiable desire to accumulate more, at the expense of others.

I dream that every student of our class – the superclass – one day will make our world a little better. Sometimes we feel frustrated that we are just grains of sands and our work makes very little difference. But then, it does. Every small positive thing that we do makes the world a little fairer, a little kinder, and little more rational. And those small steps add up.

But before we think small, let’s dream big.

I dream there will be a future Richard Dawkins among you – fighting against intolerance, bigotry and the virus of faith.

I dream there will be a future Roger Ebert among you – opening up the world of beautiful movies to millions of people.

I dream there will be a future George Orwell among you – taking on the might of dictators with just the power of words.

I dream there will be a future Carl Sagan among you – opening our eyes to the wonders of the universe and the smallness of our selfish pursuits.

I can go on. There are countless people who made our experience in this world a little better. You may think you may not have as big an impact as those famous people. But aim high. It does not matter what dreams I have for you. You must have big dreams for yourself.


In a few year’s time, this classroom will be empty. You will have spread your wings and gone away. I dream that your life remains as much fun-filled as it is in this classroom. I dream of you – all of you together – in another campus, in a bigger arena. I hope the friendships that you forge in this classroom remain for ever.

Long time after you have finished college, I dream that you will all meet one day, in a sort of a reunion, in another corner of the world. I dream that you will talk about the most perfect place that you were once part of. I dream that it will inspire you to make the world around you a little less imperfect, in your own small way.

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