A Birthday Poem

We are encouraged to give each other handmade gifts on our birthdays instead of gifting products bought from shops. This is a card by Rhea Banerjee for her friend, Dyuti Ghosh (known as Helen for her beauty) on her 11th birthday (2014). Rhea wrote a very nice poem for her friend referring to the famous story of Helen and the Trojan War.


The face that launched a thousand ships
The woman that all men were crazy for
The Queen for whom Kings suffered such hardship
Helen, for whom Menelaus waged a war

Battles fought, wars waged
Just because Helen ran away
Menelaus got enraged
And made Paris pay

Her beauty is famed
She is always thought about, day or night
The prettiest flower is shamed
At her sight

Helen’s glory
Was known to all men
Such is the fateful story
Of the legendary Helen.