My Best Friend

This is a writing about “My Best Friend” by Sohom Mondal of Class VI (2016). Here he talks about his best friend, Abhranil. Sohom says that everyone deserves a friend like Abhranil and to him we say, “Everyone would also like to have an entertaining, popular and friendly companion, such as you.”

I’ll write about my best friend, Abhranil. There are many good qualities in him, and there are also some qualities that annoy me. But I still like him for his friendliness and good nature. It’s lucky to have a brother like him.

I wake up early at six in the weekends and impatiently wait for Abhranil to come. At nine I call him; his mother answers it, and always says the same thing.  “Hello? Sohom, he’s still asleep.” I feel like kicking him out of bed when I hear in the mobile, snoring. “Z z z! Z z z!”

At eleven he comes. After seeing him my anger vanishes like magic. We play games, and play guitar, we also fight, argue, kick, punch, slap and the burst into laughter. At half past twelve his mom calls me and tells me to send him. I warn him every weekend. “If you don’t wake up early tomorrow, I will burst through your door and kick you out of bed.” He always giggles “I will try to wake up early. And you don’t have to come down to close the door, I will do it for you.” Then he would just pedal away in his cycle without even looking at the open door. I would run after him and shout. “Tomorrow you come. I’ll make Abhranil meatballs out of you.” But by then he would be very far away from my reach, I would stare at the dusty path for a while and return to my home. In spite of being naughty, I like him. And I think everyone deserves a friend like him.

2 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. Mossam Choudhary October 22, 2016 / 10:02 PM

    Funny and interesting. Soham writes about both the good and bad qualities of his best friend.


  2. DIBYENDU MUKHERJEE November 15, 2016 / 8:34 PM

    very good writer


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