A card for Sir

Sir (Arghya Banerjee) has been taking class of the current batch of Class IX from the time they joined the school. Here is a card given by the students of Class IX for him on Teacher’s Day (2016), appreciating his involvement with them and apologising for their mistakes.


Seven years back, our class was not the same. We didn’t know each other, and we were too young to realise the big difference the school was going to make in our lives. Now our group of thirteen has become so close that we are almost like a family.

Throughout all these years we have spent together, you have devoted all your time and energy in making us learn, without once complaining about how gruelling a job it is to run a school or how busy you are at all times. However, we never reciprocated the enthusiasm and effort you take in teaching us. There have been so many times when we have failed you and demotivated you, be it by breaking rules or shirking work. Our mistakes, though natural in children, were disappointing because we were supposed to be products of the school. All the same you have always forgiven us.

The day we all leave the class and go our own separate ways, we will look back and remember the teacher who never gave up on us.

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