My Favourite Teacher

This is one of the winning entries in Teacher’s Day essay writing contest by Rhea Banerjee of Class VII (2014) where she writes about her favourite teacher, Arghya Banerjee. Rhea talks about how Sir has made the school experience totally unique for the class. It’s a true privilege to have a teacher and a friend like him.   

I enjoy every class Sir takes- English, Maths, History, Social Science, Science and any other subject taught- because Sir makes every class he takes enjoyable. Sir teaches us through interesting movies, engaging discussions, and exciting books. And by ‘books’ I mean something you can get pleasure from, not a boring, mind-numbing thing which has been forced on you.

Sir teaches us in a way which is interesting and will help us the in modern world. We build and develop skills. We are made familiar with technology. We are taught not only to do well in exams, we are taught what real life demands.

Sir is also like a friend to the class. He interacts, laughs, and likes to spend time with us. He treats us like his equals.

All these reasons are why I am so eager to be part of his class everyday.

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  1. Suprabha Mondal December 12, 2016 / 7:33 PM



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