Match Point

We watch a lot of movies in school. But they always come at a price. We have write a review of the screened movie as homework! But is it such a pain? No. We don’t only hone our skills by writing but also get to read our friends’ reviews which sometimes even surpass the quality of reviews of Roger Ebert, one of the best movie critics in the world. This review is written by Tanushree Sow Mondal of Class VIII (2015).


The man who said I would rather be lucky than good saw deeply into life.

In the opening scene of the movie Match Point we see a tennis ball brushing over the net, and then for a mere brief moment it is a matter of pure luck to which side it would fall. “It falls on the other side and you win. It doesn’t and you lose.” Chris, the main character’s own fate is determined by such a lucky toss.

Chris, a poor boy striving to make the ends meet, is a new tennis pro in the area. Not even days have gone by in his new job, when he attracts the daughter of a rich and successful businessman, Chloe. With her sweet behavior and a job offer in her dad’s company, she soon persuades Chris into marriage. But Chris’s own interests lie elsewhere, in another woman, Nola. Proceeding further into the movie, their affair which had began with a little flirting soon goes beyond the point of no return, when Nola is obsessed with their future together. She constantly harps on the matter that Chris should tell Chloe about his affair, giving threats every now and then that she herself might inform Chloe if he doesn’t. Chris has to choose between everything and nothing, between wealth, influence, reputation and lust. He is torn apart between desires to fulfill both the biological and the social need. But to satisfy either he has to forgo the other. Amid all these, Chris takes an undesired step. He finds the solution to his problems in the death of Nola. He tries to portray the whole incident as a burglary but in his attempt to wash his hands of the stolen goods in a river, a ring manages not to fall over the bridge. This was the scent that misled the police.

A major human tendency is to view ourselves as the world sees us. Within the initial few days of the murder, when the possibility of Chris’s arrest is on the air, he is overwhelmed with guilt and regret. But soon enough the whole thing is called off as a burglary and life is back to normal for Chris.

Fortune smiled at Chris and laughed at Nola.

Although this might not be a common way in which luck plays with most of us, but at the end of the day, how much of our lives are really within our control?

One thought on “Match Point

  1. Mossam Choudhary October 22, 2016 / 9:55 PM

    Nice writing. It talks about true incidents which occur in life.


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