I like my school because…

From the small building in Dangal para to the Husbabad Campus with top-notch infrastructure, it’s been a long journey. In the beginning there was difficulty getting the parents to accept our unconventional teaching methods. After our achievements, now it can be said without doubt that The Levelfield School is one of the best. Tanushree Sow Mondal of Class VII (2014) writes about the school being a big change in her life.  

The Levelfield School has brought over a big change in me. I had gone through a period difficulty trying to adjust to the dull and looming atmosphere in my old school. The Levelfield School was the first place which not only recognized my talent but also gave respect to it. The students aren’t taught to deal with board exams, but with the struggle in life itself. I love EVS classes which explain why and how things happen to be the way they are. Even history, which a few years ago was just a revision of dates for me, has become something to learn lessons from.

Apart from the exceptional quality of education, there are a few other things I would have never been able to acquire hadn’t I been admitted to this school. For example, the books that we read in our spare time, or the thinking-oriented games and exercises, etc. The teachers here have trust in us and our work. We often get to help them in events like Contest Week, etc. I really feel grateful and lucky to be associated with The Levelfield School.