Amores Perros

This review is written by  Goody Goody. She has a lot of interest in movies and often have watched many movies by herself. After watching ‘Amores Perros’, she didn’t only write a review but requested the teachers to show two other great movies by the same director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. 


In the city of Mexico, fate connects three different lives in the cruellest manner. “Amores Perros” deals with these three plots in an interesting way.

The first part is about “Octavio and Susana”. Octavio is in love with his brother’s wife, Susana. He wants Susana to come away with him but money is the barrier. He wants money and he wants it soon. So instead of working on a meagre allowance he decides to fight his beloved dog, Cofi who turns out to be the golden goose for him. In one such fight his dog is shot. At that point all hell breaks loose. Octavio, in a fit of rage knifes the shooter. Thus begins the pivotal part which will not only change his life but the lives of many others.

The second part is about “Daniel and Valeria”. Daniel leaves his wife and children for Valeria who is a model. He rents an apartment to stay with her. From the apartment window a billboard is visible with Valeria’s picture in it. The bliss of their life is about to come to an end as Valeria goes out from her apartment, heading towards the destination in her car.

The third part is about “El Chivo and Maru”. El Chivo is an assassin now but he has a past which haunts him. He has no company except the company of his five to six dogs. It seems from time to time that he cares more about dogs than humans.

Octavio is being chased after the shooting incident as he tries to flee with the bleeding body of Cofi. After that comes the most impactful part of the story, the crash. Octavio’s car crashes into another car which turns out to be Valeria’s. At that moment El Chivo was is passing by with his pack of dogs. And it is dog which involves him in this car accident. He notices the bleeding body of Cofi and takes him away with himself.

Life changes completely after the accident. Valeria’s life as a model ends. The billboard which once had her picture is no longer there. Cofi with his killer instinct kills every other dog of El Chivo. And Octavio’s dream with Susana remains a dream.

It can be said that “Ameros Perros” is a movie full of energy and excitement. But there is a lot more to it. The characters of the movie are driven to dangerous paths, risking their own lives. And love is the driver. Love, not only for people, but even for the dogs. Valeria loses her leg for her dog, Richi in an attempt to save it when Richi goes inside a hole in the floor and won’t come back.

It also shows us through El Chivo that not only love, sometimes even loss is the driver. After his dogs are killed he quits his life as an assassin. He decides to live with his new realization of how important are family, company and love in one’s life.  That’s where the movie ends with the message “We also are what we have lost”.